Aligerados Padda manufactures soles and products primarily for Rubber, Phylon, Eva and Polyurethane footwear industry for the Globalmarket, designing and developing the technology as needed so the product complies with the requirements of our customers.


To be a leading company at international level in the manufacture of soles and related products for the constantly growing footwear industry in order to ensure sustained profitability and the possibility to professionally develop their staff, seeking to reduce the impact to the environment.


Aligerados Padda was born in 1975 as a division of one of the largest shoe factories in Mexico and the company soon became the largest producer of soles in Mexico.

  • 1979 Starts manufacturing molded sole.
  • 1981 Stars manufacturing EVA sheet.
  • 1987 Started exporting an average of 40,000 pairs per year, by 1990 already exported one million pairs. At present,exports are greater than 3,000,000 pairs annually.
  • 1993 Starts manufacturing Phylon.
  • 2000 Starts manufacturing Inyected EVA
  • March 2012, Certification to the Specific Requirements of Flexi for Raw material suppliers: Soles
  • January2013, we were certified by ABS in ISO 9001:2008 for design and manufacture of soles and rubber footwear products, phylonand EVA.